Coronavirus Covid 19 advice property market

Golders Green Coronavirus COVID 19 advice for the property market

Golders Green Coronavirus COVID-19: Advice for the property market

Guidance for people buying or selling residential property in Golders Green NW11 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some Frequently asked questions answered for the Golders Green NW11 property market
Has the government stopped all property transactions?

No. In line with wider COVID-19 guidance, the government has urged everyone involved in a property sale in Golders Green NW11 to work within and adapt to new restrictions around social distancing and self-isolation.

If a property transaction in Golders Green NW11 is underway do I need to cancel it?

No. The government has said there is no need to pull out of transactions in Golders Green NW11 due to COVID-19. Instead, anyone in this situation is encouraged to defer the completion date until after stay-at-home COVID-19  measures are lifted although there is an exemption for “critical home moves in Golders Green NW11”. Where a property is vacant then subject to social distancing, this can also be completed in Golders Green NW11.

Are exchanges still possible for a property transaction during COVID-19 in Golders Green NW11?

Yes. The government recommends that where all parties wish to exchange, this should be either delayed until after stay-at-home measures are lifted or proceed if clauses are included to manage the risks presented by Coronavirus e.g. delayed completions.

And what if no delay for completion can be agreed for Golders Green NW11 property transaction?

The government has said that if moving is unavoidable, people can proceed but must follow social distancing guidelines for COVID-19 in Golders Green NW11.

What about mortgage offers? Will they still be valid?

The government has agreed with banks that mortgage offers in Golders Green NW11 that are valid during the lockdown of COVID-19 should be extended for up to three months where completions are delayed and is working with conveyances to establish a legal process for moving completion dates.

What if I am moving during the lockdown into an empty property in Golders Green NW11?

You can continue with the property transaction while following guidance on home removals in Golders Green NW11. The government has also told surveyors that it may be possible for them to carry out urgent surveys on empty properties or where the occupants are out.

What is the guidance on property removals during COVID-19 in Golders Green NW11?

Removers working in Golders Green NW11 should honour their existing commitments where it is clear the move can be made in line with public health guidelines around social distancing and self-isolation.

If I want to put a property in Golders Green NW11 on the market during the COVID-19 pandemic, what can I do now?

You can prepare your property in Golders Green NW11 for the sale, working with Roundtree Real Estate. However, physical inspections or viewings can not take place until the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the government guidelines allow us to carry out viewings in the property you wish to sell in Golders Green NW11.

What about virtual viewings for my property sale in Golders Green NW11?

There are no restrictions on marketing properties for sale in Golders Green NW11. This includes virtual viewings from the occupant or if there is a professional virtual tour already available.

What if this leads to an offer for my property during the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

There are no restrictions on accepting offers although the government warns the process is likely to take longer than normal. Estate agents can continue to progress sales within social distancing restrictions.

Can a Golders Green property estate agent visit an office or property Covid-19 Pandemic?

No. Golders Green estate agents should not open branches to the public or visit people’s homes. Business should be conducted, working from home. An exception is permitted to collect keys to facilitate necessary works or a move-in or completion in Golders Green NW11, subject to, being well and adhering to social distancing guidelines.