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Top 5 Reasons Why People Move to Hendon

Published: 08/05/2018

We’ve been helping people move into and around the Hendon area for almost a decade now, and over this time we’ve learned more and more about what draws people to live here. We’ve always loved this neighbourhood, so we want to share the reasons why so many people are looking for Hendon property. Read on to find out what draws families, professionals and young couples to buy homes in Hendon.

Getting Into and Out Of London

It’s a given that many people need to find a home within easy commuting distance of London. Hendon boasts extremely quick transport links into the centre, so you can potentially be at your desk in under an hour.

However, Hendon is also lucky enough to offer an easy “escape route” into the countryside. With the M1 just nearby, you can hop in the car and get anywhere in the country without too much fuss (you’ll be amazed at how quickly you find yourself in the rolling green Chiltern Hills, or the Colne Valley). Few other London boroughs can boast such easy proximity to both the city centre and the countryside.

Hendon's pretty Welsh Harp Reservoir; image source

Exercise and Fresh Air

In a city like London there aren’t that many opportunities to stretch your legs. Sure, there are plenty of small parks dotted around, but it’s rare to find a place where you can really get out in an uncrowded space. Hendon offers fast access to several excellent outdoors spots - Brent Reservoir and the Welsh Harp are big favourites on sunny days, while the Dollis Brook valley walk provides a perfect day’s walking. Hendon boasts its own central park, and the nearby Fryent Country Park and Hampstead Heath offer even more opportunities to get away from urban life.

Sports and Recreation

Hendon has an enormous amount of variety for sports enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to watch or play there’s plenty to choose from; few places in London offer anywhere near as many options. Fans of rugby can watch the Saracens play at Allianz Park just around the corner, while cricket followers will be thrilled that Lord’s is only a short tube journey away. Wembley is a quick car or tube journey, too, so football fans are spoilt for choice.

If you prefer to get more hands-on with your sports you’ll enjoy the close proximity of several golf courses, including a 6,227 yard course at Hendon Golf Club. There are also a number of well-established sports clubs in the area, including tennis, bowling, and football amongst many others.

Allianz Park near Hendon - one of London's best stadiums; image source

Beautiful Family Homes

Hendon has been a sought-after London borough since the 1700s and was a first-choice retreat for City gentry. As a result properties in Hendon are often situated on larger plots of land than those in other parts of London, making it much easier to find a family home in Hendon than in many other boroughs. There are plenty of older properties around Hendon, but modern developers have been quick to update and modernise the local housing stock - if you prefer 21st century convenience, there’s plenty to pick from too.

City Living in a Small Package

Many Londoners think moving away from the city means losing out on lively nightlife and activities. In Hendon, though, there’s no shortage of things to do; Hendon has both a modern (the local Vue)and retro cinema (the unique Phoenix Cinema), a shopping centre and high street of its own, as well as dozens of restaurants specialising in everything from pub grub (check out The Beaufort) to the perfect curry (try the Original Lahore). We also have a fantastic range of kosher cuisine available in this part of North London.

You won’t be stuck for things to do in Hendon, and at the end of the day you’re only a short Tube journey away from the city itself. You can be in the West End for the latest musical and still get home before midnight, which is a big plus for anyone who loves the London lifestyle.

Everything You Need

Hendon really does boast everything you could possibly need from a new neighbourhood. There isn’t space to mention all the things we love about living in Hendon but we should also point out the many high-performing primary and secondary schools, the strong sense of community, and the wonderful multicultural spirit of the area as well. We can’t recommend Hendon enough, and think it makes the perfect place to find a new home!