Buyers Guide

Our experienced team of trained professionals are here to guide you through every step of the buying process.

Step 1

Arranging your finances

Before beginning your property search, we recommend that you arrange your finances and have your mortgage agreed in principle. If you would like independent advice on your best options, please speak to one of our staff. We would be pleased to recommend some reliable independent financial advisors to help you obtain the best possible solution for your needs.

Step 2

Register your property requirements

We've made getting in touch as easy as possible for you. You can register online on our website, call us directly, drop us an email or pop into our office for a chat with our friendly and helpful team.

Step 3

Starting the search

After we've fully discussed and understood your requirements, we can start searching for your ideal new home. We'll notify you as soon as we find properties matching your criteria and make sure you are informed of all new listings as soon as they become available.

Step 4

Accompanied viewings

By accompanying you on viewings, we can offer instant information and advice on each property, to help you make informed choices. You can be sure we'll always answer your questions fully and honestly, and pass on further questions or feedback to vendors.

Step 5

Making an offer

Once you've found your ideal new home, we ensure that your offer is passed on to the vendor swiftly and without bias. At this stage, you may be required to provide evidence that you are able to proceed with the purchase before the vendor accepts your offer.

Step 6

Instructing a Conveyancing/Legal Professional

In order for your offer to be agreed in principle and your purchase to commence, you will need to instruct a legal representative to act on your behalf. We would be pleased to recommend some experienced and trusted local conveyancing solicitors who can help you with your purchase.

Step 7

Your offer has been accepted

Once the vendor has accepted your offer, we will ask you to confirm with us your legal representative and mortgage details, so that we can prepare a memorandum of sale to confirm the agreed sale price with all parties. Once this has been done, it's then time to instruct your mortgage lender or broker to proceed with your application.

Step 8

What will your legal/conveyancing representative do?

Your representative is there to protect your interests and will request local and other searches, as well as ensuring your mortgage lender is protected. They will also liaise with the vendor's solicitor, raise any issues in the draft contract to ensure the final document is correct, and agree a date for exchange of contracts. Until contracts are signed and exchanged, you and the vendor are under no obligation to proceed.

Step 9

Your mortgage offer

If you are purchasing your property with the help of a mortgage, your lender will appoint a surveyor to value the property and advise them. If your lender is happy with the surveyor's report, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to you and your legal representative for you to sign and return.

Step 10


Once your mortgage offer has been agreed and confirmed, you can then exchange contracts. On exchange of contracts, your deposit (which is normally 10% of the purchase price) is paid to the vendor's legal representative and a completion date is agreed.

Step 11

Completion - Moving Day

Before you can move into your new home, the remaining 90% of the purchase price must be paid, and confirmation that the funds have cleared must be obtained by the vendor's legal representative. There will be some additional paperwork that your conveyancer will need to complete, and you will have some further documents to sign before we hand over your new keys.


Experts in the Hendon property market, the friendly and professional team at Roundtree Real Estate are always happy to discuss any aspect of the buying process with our clients.

Contact us either by email:, phone: 020 8203 2111, or just drop into our office for a coffee and a chat.

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